The Race


07.20 – Gathering of the runners at the starting gate, Palalottomatica ( Roma Eur )

08.15 – All personal bags must be handed over by this time

08.30 – Starting grid opening

08.45 –  Start of the race for various able athletes

09:00 – First wave of Romaostia Half Marathon

09:06 – Second wave of Romaostia Half Marathon

09:15 – Third wave of Romaostia Half Marathon

09:45 – Start of the non-competitive race

10.00 – First Arrivals

10.30 – Award ceremony begins

11.15 – Pick up of cash and sports material prizes at “Sporting beach club”

12.45 – 3h 30′ time limit expires

13.00 – Shuttle bus leaves from Ostia to the Hotels

Rome Eur Palalottomatica

OSTIA Piazzale Cristoforo Colombo (Roundabout)

21,097 Kilometers / 13,112 Miles

The varied course ROUTE is a fast one with some light up-and-down hill stretches.
Starting at the Palazzo dello Sport, the route runs through Rome Eur, then runs the entire length of via Cristoforo Colombo (17,200 km), to the finish line at the roundabout (La Rotonda).

💡 Download the route

Men: Yego Solomon Kirwa ( KEN ) – 58’44” (2016)
Women: Kiplagat Florence Jebet ( KEN ) – 1h06’38” (2012)

Km 10: max time – 1h 40′
Km 15: max time – 2h 30′
Finish:  max time – 3h 30

N. B.: After these times, the organisation can no longer guarantee that the route will be completely closed to traffic.

The Pacemakers are expert athletes that run at a steady pace and help the participants to acheive the chronometric desired result. If you want to know Pacemaker grid click here

Your time will be monitored from the moment you pass the starting line, until the moment you pass the finish line and at three other intermediate checkpoints along the way thanks to special sensors that register the progress of your chip.

Time and ranking will be available immediately after the race. There are also three timeclocks along the route, to check your time. The first is at the starting line, the next at 5K, then at 10K,  15K and one at the finish line.

Expiration date Price
Until 12/09/2019  25,00 euro
From 13/09/2019 to 21/11/2019.  30,00 euro
From 22/11/2019 to 30/01/2020.  35,00 euro
From 31/01/2020 to 26/02/2020.  37,00 euro

IMPORTANT: it is the amount to be paid on the date of payment and not the date of enrollment in the race.
Example: If you register before 30/11/2018 but you pay after that date you will have to pay 37 euros instead of 32.

There will be water and sponge provisions along the route. Three stations approximately at 5,11, and 16 km and one sponge station (unless there are particularly difficult weather conditions), around Km 13. At these stations, athletes who drop out off the race along the way may hand in their chips. There will be a ‘sweeper bus’ and an ambulance behind the last athlete. It will also be possible to turn in the chips on the ‘sweeper bus’ for athletes who drop out along the way. At the finish line there will be refreshments including water, tea, and fruit.

At the starting line, the runners will be divided into 6 grids according to their bib numbers. Each grid’s bibs will be in a different colour.

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