Classifications & Statistics

44 years of rankings!


Try the program that gives you all of your results in the RomaOstia race.

All rankings, from 1974 to today, are visible by clicking on this link: a system that allows you to search for your name within all the rankings of the RomaOstia, from 1974 to 2018.

Enter a year, click search, and you will have the complete ranking of that edition.

Click here for the RomeOstia 2018 ranking



The ranking of the best times of RomaOstia half marathon (from 1987 to 2018)



The names of the winners of each edition, both in the men’s and women’s categories.



For each age the records made in RomaOstia on the distance of 21.097 km, then from 1987 to 2018

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Huawei RomaOstia