The 2016 edition of RomaOstia won the tenth place in the world ranking of competitive road races developed by

This year 2016 has offered great satisfaction to the most popular half-marathon in Italy, especially in recent weeks. In November, RomaOstia was again awarded the prestigious IAAF Gold Label, an important recognition given by the International Athletics Federation for a road race. And finally, in the last days of the year,, considered by experts as the most complete online database on athletics, has published its special points classification for the more competitive and technical races of the planet.

And yes, RomaOstia is the only Italian race to be able to boast this year the IAAF Gold Label but also the only Italian road racing race present in the TOP10 of


“ represents the daily bread of those who live the great passion of athletics, not only for training, but also for analyzing results, deepening champions and stories of great names”, says Luciano Duchi, the patron of RomaOstia: « This site, in view of the large number of results studied, had the excellent idea of inventing an intuitive and appropriate classification providing with clarity the technical value of an agonistic event. Considering for 2016 the frequent concomitances or the presence in the calendars of other major sports events close to our competition, such as the Cardiff semi-marathon world championships of March 26, 2016, just two weeks after RomaOstia, I can consider myself satisfied and happy with this ranking” and thus concludes Luciano Duchi: “It is a further confirmation of our technical value that, together with the IAAF Gold Label, contributes to our international growth”. – is a large database of results and statistics, which annually develops special rankings in relation to all types of athletic events on the track and on the road.

The ranking of the road race takes into consideration three elements: the race points (determined by the sum of the eight best results according to the IAAF table – maximum 5 for each gender), plus the value of the elite participants (determined by summing the value of the top 8 athletes based on the All Athletics points awarded to each athlete in their database) plus a bonus per world record.

The RomaOstia 2016 got 9746 points. At the top of the ranking are the very rich semi-marathon of Ras Al Khaimah with 10533 points, followed by the 2016 edition of the Half Marathon World Championship which took place in Cardiff with 10279 points and the semi-marathon of New Delhi, 10249 points.

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RomaOstia ranks in the top 10 worldwide of