The 43rd edition of Roma Ostia was presented to the press Tuesday 14 February at the Campigoglio in the Promoteca Hall of the City Hall of Rome.

Roma Ostia President Luciano Duchi welcomed the official authorities and the press for this event which brought together a large crowd.

The event was attended by Daniele Fongia, Sport Roma Capital City Councilor, Vincenzo Parrinello, Vice-President of the Italian Athletics Federation (FIDAL), Fabio Martinelli, President of the FIDAL Regional Committee for Lazio and Renato Papagni, president of FederBaleari.

As every year, enthusiasm is at its height to talk about the Roma Ostia, recognized as the most popular semi-marathon in Italy. To date, 12,000 participants have already signed up for this event, which is now a must for the national and international athletics calendar, as Roma Ostia benefits from the prestigious IAAF gold label for the fifth year.

The 43rd edition of Roma Ostia presented to the press